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benefits of a bridal consultation

and how to prepare…


1) it’s the perfect time to discuss and practice the look you have in mind for the wedding day and to make sure that it compliments YOU: your personality, your hair type, your wedding dress and all of those other details that fit together to create a day that’s everything you want it to be.


2) you have the opportunity to truly test-drive the hair and makeup to see how it will perform on the wedding day.  jess had a fancy dinner and went cosmic bowling!  rachel went to the gym to see how things would hold up through an intense jewish hora.


3) you can send pictures to share with friends and family to get their comments and suggestions.  OR, even better, you can bring them along with you to see things in person.


4) some brides like to plan their consult on the day of an event, like a bridal shower or for engagement photos, for the combined benefit of test driving the look AND looking gorgeous on an important day.


some things to help you prepare for the consult:


*most brides have an overall look or theme that they hope their special day embodies.  think ‘pinterest’ and gather photos of hair and makeup looks that you love to show me specifically what you have in mind.   i also LOVE to see pictures of your dress, the bridesmaids dresses, your color palette, etc. to get a sense of the day.  it’s okay if you haven’t decided on an exact look, but collecting photos of hairstyles and makeup that you’re drawn to gives us a great place to start.  sometimes it can be just as helpful to have pictures of what you DON’T want, so feel free to share those as well.


*come with a clean slate:


  • for a full makeup application: arrive with a clean, moisturized face free of all traces of makeup.

  • to ensure that we have a smooth canvas on which to work, it’s a great idea to exfoliate before the trial.  (if your skin is sensitive, make it a day or two beforehand.)  and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

  • come with clean, DRY hair – you know your hair best, so decide what clean means for you. feel free to use any products that you regularly use, like frizz serums, etc.


and, as always, feel free to get in touch with me if you have ANY questions at all!

happy planning!!

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